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Past news:

24/10/2012 UK Channel 4 News (7.22pm) VISTA's 84 million stars (mp4 file will download)

24/10/2012 VISTA creates huge 9 Gpixel zoomable image of 84 million stars (STFC press release)

24/10/2012 84 million stars and counting - VISTA creates largest ever catalogue of centre of our galaxy

21/03/2012 UltraVISTA press release.

21/12/2009 Release of Science Verification Data. Here are available: links to the raw data packages, a preview of some pawprint-level data products, and a report describing observations, tests, and results.

11/12/2009 Press release about VISTA (Text, Images and Videos)
The ESO press release is at www.eso.org/public/outreach/press-rel/pr-2009/pr-49-09.html
where the release, images and videos, including the ESOcast 12 are available.

The STC press release is at www.stfc.ac.uk/PMC/PRel/STFC/VISTAFirstImages.aspx

The Queen Mary, University of London Press release is at www.qmul.ac.uk/media/news/items/se/21839.html

10/12/2009 15:00+ Ownerhsip of VISTA accepted by ESO from STFC (UK Goverenment representative)

10/12/2009 15:00 VISTA accepted by QMUL from STFC (Executive Agency)

01/12/2009 11th anniversary of submission of VISTA bid to the Joint Infrastructure Fund

03/11/2009 Dry-Run period started for Survey PIs

15/10/2009 Science Verification period started (see 21/12/9 for release)

12/09/2009 Primary Mirror recoated - picture

21/06/2008 First night of commissioning with camera on sky. Images successfully obtained on IR chips and process of finding best settings and characterising and setting up all look up tables etc started.

17/04/2008 Press releases om M1 from ESO, STFC and QMUL
(These are very similar as they were coordinated -the ESO release has a set of new pictures. The STFC and QMUL releases have a fuller description of VISTA).

04/04/2008 M1 coated and placed in mirror cell see [one] picture

27/03/2008: 4 metre Primary mirror (M1) arrived at VISTA after completion of polishing at LZOS in Russia. See picture

July 2007: Camera operated cold on telescope (without M1 or M2) and electromagnetic interference test carried out with the various motors running see pictures

19/06/2007: M2 successfully coated with protected Silver

28/05/2007: M2 arrived at VISTA see picture

01/12/1998 VISTA Proposal submitted to Joint Infrastructure Fund


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