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Images of VISTA Site

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VISTA at sunset.
image vista_at_sunrise.jpg
Credit: VISTA

Aerial view of VISTA site

VISTA and VLT: Aerial view of Paranal, home of the VLT, with VISTA in the foreground.
image: 01_Aerial-View.jpg
Credit: G. Hüdepohl

Aerial view of VISTA site

VISTA Enclosure - Exterior view
image: 02_VISTA-Enclosure-2362x1772.jpg
Credit: VISTA

VISTA enclosure

The vista from VISTA:  Looking out of the VISTA enclosure observing slit in daytime.
image: 07_the-vista-from-VISTA.jpg
Credit: VISTA

The vista from VISTA

The VLT Control Building, from which all observations are made.

Image: phot-15j-00-hires.jpg

Credit: ESO


VLT Control building


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